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November 25, 2007




I've also made some similar benchmarks but only with the N95-1 to find out what effects the different sound transport modes (A2DP vs. wired headphones) and equalizer / stereo widening settings have on the battery life. This was of particular interest because Windows Mobile users know well enough A2DP requires a lot of CPU time on WinMo, resulting in far faster battery drain.

See http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=1273334 for the results.


BTW, the slightly lower battery life on the N95-3 may be caused by the somewhat bigger RAM.

Some devices (for example, the Pocket Loox 720) aren't affected by the additional battery usage caused by the bigger RAM; some other (for example, back in 2000...2002, the iPAQ 36xx series expanded to 128M) exhibited a very strong battery life degradation because of the additional RAM needing constant refreshing. With the latter, the difference was some two-fold (!), which clearly shows engineering deficincies.

All in all, the 5% difference (if it's only caused by the additional 64M RAM) isn't that bad IMHO.


Yes the more RAM is a ripe candidate for the additional power drain.

Now that the new firmware for the N95-1 is out, I'll try to revise and hopefully add new benchmarks for the new firmware. I have sent the phone back, so I'll need to get a hold of another one.


It would be interesting to see what would have happen with internet radio using gprs/edge/3g when headphones are plugged :)

N95 user

Now that the new 20.0.015 firmware for the N95-1 is out, which according to NOKIA offers 30% better music playback time - it would be interesting to see the test performed with the new firmware as well.

Theoretically it should bring the N95-1 on par with the N95-3 even with the smaller battery


@ CanRaps: Internet Radio is more tricky than using the media player, because there are times when for no reason the connection would disconnect, and that would ruin the process.

Also with these tests I made sure the same music is played over and over again each time, and that's not possible with Internet radio.

3G isn't applicable for N95-1 in the states, so I couldn't do a 3G comparison.


@ N95 user: I'll gladly add the numbers that the new firmware puts out soon.

Werner Ruotsalainen

CanRaps, Amir: please see http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=1286676 for more info on my benchmarks.


On what is your error estimate based? Error analysis? Statistical analysis? What firmware did you use? Especially on the N95-1 (Classic) the new v20 firmware makes a difference.

In any case, the N95-8GB figures with the BL-5F seems to indicate the bigger screen might take a bigger powerdrain. Unless you switched the screen completely off?


I haven't done any standard error analysis, I'd say 5% error is just an educated guess. It was not in my ability to do at least 3 tests for each data entry. The firmware used was the old V12 if I'm not mistaken, not the new one. When I published this two days later the new firmware came out. I'd love to give this another try with the new firmware on the N95-1.

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